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The only manufacturer of alumosilicate and glass microsphere in Russia *

Aluminosilicate microspheres


Aluminosilicate microspheres ForeSphere — effective inexpensive filler made out of dispersive grey colour material. Consists of hollow spheres with hard impermeable surface. Their diameter is from 10 to 500 mcm (average about 100 mcm).

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Advantages of aluminosilicate microsphere ForeSphere

     Proper spherical shape

    Cost-effectiveness. Spherical filler needs minimal amount of adhesive substance to moisturize side surface  — condenser of any other shape will demand a larger consumption of tar, binding agent, water etc.

     Quality. Spheres of proper shape provide for effective ratio of surface area to the occupied volume and tight stowage: packaging density coefficient becomes 60—80% of theoretical value. Thus microsphere ForeSphere has smaller contraction strain than fillers with polyline shape have.

     Convenience. Spherical shape ensures good spreading of materials: they are easy to pass (including natural flow), convenient to apply on surfaces  — manually with pallet knife, spray under pressure, pump etc.

     Low density and high durability

     Density of aluminosilicate microsphere ForeSphere is multiple times lower, than other mineral fillers have (bulk density of aluminosilicate microsphere— 0,32—0,37 g/cm3, real density — 0,58—0,69 g/cm3), therefore, this microsphere is more convenient to mix and cheaper to transport. However durability of microsphere allows to bear hydrostatic pressures up to 300 atm (microsphere wall thickness is from 2 to 10 mcm, wall material density is — 2,5 g/sm3). Ultimate durability of aluminosilicate microsphere under press — 150—280 kg/sm2, Mos’ scale hardness — 5—6.

     Low reactive capacity

   Aluminosilicate microsphere ForeSphere doesn’t impact chemical composition and reactive properties of the majority of blends that serve as fillers. Basic components of phase-mineral microspheres — aluminosilicate glass phase, mullite, quartz. Base of chemical composition— silicon, aluminium, iron. Gas phase inside microspheres consists of nitrogen and carbonic oxide. Microspheres are ph-neutral and resistant to acids and alkalis.

     High melting temperature and low heat conduction

    Aluminosilicate microsphere ForeSphere retains its qualities under heating up to 980°С, it melts — under 1400—1500°С. By this criterion it is superlative to any other fillers out of synthetic glass. In addition aluminosilicate microsphere has low heat-conduction, thus it ensures that materials have premium heat-insulating properties, it helps to create fireproof surfaces.

   Unique mix of characteristics provides a wider scope of possible uses of aluminosilicate microsphere ForeSphere: any task related to making material lighter, increasing durability and degree of resistance to erosion and aggressive environment, enforcing heat-insulating properties can be successfully solved with the help of this filler.

    Oil and gas extraction industry — is the largest national consumer of aluminosilicate microsphere. Firstly, it needs inexpensive good quality filler in production of oil well cement, filler occupies space in between well bore and casing pipe enforcing and protecting it. Solid lightweight filler reduces density of oil well cement and ensures dimensional stability of cement stone, this provides a better connection of reservoir with casing pipes, facilitates well infrastructure development. Thus using aluminosilicate microsphere reduces costs and improves quality of well cementing.

   Besides, during oil and gas extraction aluminosilicate microsphere is added to mud agent — it intensifies drilling process and prolongs service cycle of drilling equipment.

   In construction industry solid and lightweight spherical filler is needed to create lighter cements and concretes, plasters, pore fillers, heat- and sound-insulating materials, paints, primary coats, anti-corrosive coatings, refractory coatings, thermoplastic marking for roads etc.

    Aluminosilicate microsphere is added into composition of numerous plastic materials and plastic compounds (nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene etc.), rubbers, new polymer, composite, filled and cladded materials. They are broadly used in the majority of divisions in modern auto industry, especially in transport building.

   Aluminosilicate microsphere is used together with ceramics to create refractory ceramics, insulating materials, high-porous abrasive materials. They are also in demand in chemical industry. Lightweight aluminosilicate microsphere is needed to produce various floating crafts: float-boats, buoys, lifesavers, life jackets etc.

 Aluminosilicate microsphere are produced under high temperature fuel firing at coal power plants.  Coal is crushed in advance; under high temperatures mineral substances in coal melt and in gaseous flow split into minimal globules. Some of the globules may contain gas, which expands during heating. If inner pressure of expanding gas is balanced by strength of molten mass surface tension, then globule doesn’t break and after cooling turns into a hollow sphere— aluminosilicate microsphere.

     Aluminosilicate microsphere is one of constituents in flue ash — bottom ash waste of power plants. On the territory of Russia there are about 1,5 billion tons of ash and cinder nowadays, annual "production" of this waste at national power plants is estimated to be 30 million tons. On the one hand, collection-ponds and ash dumps occupying thousands of hectares — pose serious ecological threat. They spread dust permanently; atmosphere condensation and technical waters dissolve mineral elements in ash, which leak into soils and pollute underground waters. On the other hand, cinder should be considered as industrial mineral resource. Beside microspheres there are precious metals, rare and dispersed elements, iron-bearing magnetic concentrate, secondary coal and other elements that have practical value and can be recycled out of ash and slag waste. Thus, recycling ash, including production of aluminosilicate microsphere, reduces ecological damage from coal power plants and diminishes general industrial pressure on environment.

Aluminosilicate microsphere ForeSphere is produced by FORES Company at our own capacities, plants are located in Sukholozhsky district in Sverdlovsk region. Designed industrial capacity — 15 000 tons of microsphere a year. To ensure production and supply stability, and provide shipping in a timely manner suitable to our client we keep plenty of warehouse stock. Storage space is 1,5 thousand square meters, storage of prepared for market microsphere  — also 1,5 thousand square meters. Overall floor area designed for aluminosilicate microsphere production makes up 5 thousand square meters.

   Diversification of suppliers — is also a guarantee of uninterrupted operation and variability of product, therefore FORES Company collaborates with the largest wholesale partners from Russia and near by countries. We give preference to quality material: even before appearing on industry premises of FORES raw microsphere is washed four times in order to eliminate organic sludge and exclude burn of microsphere. It gives additional advantage: in comparison to the product predominantly presented in the national market (that is usually grey colour), for aluminosilicate microsphere ForeSphere has a lighter hue— whiter grey.

FORES Company offers special terms to its clients: 

- individual pricelist and order of billing (discounts, delays etc.) depending on volumes and agreements for large orders (from 20 tons);

- urgent shipping, including large orders.

- competent staff, transparent and clear document flow, meeting dealines.


    Moreover FORES makes shipment convenient for clients: 

-  freight to any means of transport, what’s more providing client with any means of transport for the bulk;

-  cargo escorting from company’s warehouse to area of immediate use of microsphere;

-  opportunity for customer pick up from company’s warehouse.

-  FORES specialists can visit your production sites to help install and put our products to use.